August 3, 2011

I've been so busy
that I am just now
getting a chance
to post these photos
from another weekend passed
on the other side of the mountains.
Their summery peacefulness
and sun-warmed sense of ease
is a balm for me
during these hectic days
even though the visit
feels like
that I dreamed.


Thao & Mirah - Hallelujah
(Another balm)



  1. i feel this with you, this sense of never slowing down and wishing there was time, knowing it will get worse before it gets better... but loving those few moments in between the "madness" of life when i can pause. these photos are so perfect. they are the poetry of summer.

  2. i hope that in amongst the busy-ness you got a chance to curl up in those quilts in the dappled sunshine. that looks so inviting.

    bel. x