August 8, 2012

so far
has been a study
in light and dark,
paired together.
A glorious day in the sun,
followed immediately by disheartening news.
The gifts of a little time and space,
followed by a string of bad luck
that no one could have foreseen.
High contrast.

But even with the parts
so numbing or frustrating
that I seem to lose my power of speech,
I feel thankful
for the gold
that came before,
and I refuse
to let it dissolve
in the face of things
and be forgotten,
and that is the beauty
of these kinds of pairings
(or so I have been telling myself
this year).

I haven't been in this space in quite a while,
but I have been taking many photographs
and I am looking forward to sharing them.


  1. i am so moved by your observations- this is what i call the "mixed bag" of life, and it seems our year has paralleled one anothers. i have had a very hard time posting because of that contrast, but you have inspired me, as always. maybe i need to use more... words.

  2. unfortunately bad times are a part of life. but sometimes they make you stronger and open your eyes for the important moments. I am looking forward to your photos.

  3. I can relate. Your words are beautiful and real. It seems this first part of the year has been harder with unexpectedness. I'm hoping that the hard stuff is beginning to be a part of the past and that Autumn will bring a new light and coziness. I hope the same for you.

  4. Whatever your darkness has been, I hope brighter days dawn soon. Seeing the natural world through your lens brings me peace and inspiration and - maybe it's the way you bridge the dark and the light - acceptance... I've been following your work for a little while, and come back to it when I need a reminder of what's truly beautiful and important. Thanks for that.

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  6. @All: Thank you guys for your thoughtful words, I really appreciate hearing from you about times like these.