August 27, 2012

Back again
for our annual visit
to my beloved mountain:

Each year,
the scene is different.
Sometimes it's so snowy
we can barely hike at all.
At other times,
the meadows of lupine and paintbrush,
buzzing with bees,
wash the view with so much color and sweetness
that they seem unreal.
I am always inspired by something different there,
though the mountain's looming presence
is a constant.

This year,
can you guess
what would not stop pulling
at my lens?

Avalanche lilies!

More to come.
I went a little crazy.


  1. Avalanche lilies! The flower as magical as the name... And your pictures with their own enchantment.

  2. Wow. That field of lilies is spectacular.

  3. These photographs are simply captivating and mesmerizing, each one of them . I just feel like getting lost in them. I love nature and you have captured nature at its best !The bed of white and yellow flowers{ don't know its name }are just so beautiful.
    keep up the good work !

  4. seems magical! i have a trip planned to the olympic peninsula and two nights in seattle mid-september. would it be in my best interest to take a trip to this mountain?! i am coming from brooklyn so i want as much nature as possible. x

  5. fantastic light and beauty up there - your photos are magical as always.