August 14, 2012

I have a largely sedentary job,
and its immediate products
are fairly abstract
instead of physically tangible.
I think this is why
when I get home from the office
I have been turning so readily
to the kitchen.

I love taking beautiful raw ingredients,
putting in some clean and focused effort,
and turning them into something that can be
cut and divided into slices,
plucked warm from the counter,
poured on a hot day,
or balanced lightly and carefully upon
Summer-stained fingertips.


  1. Mmmmmm are those peach muffins? Lovely!

  2. These look tremendous. The kitchen is such a peaceful and calming place for me as well. The quietude and sounds of slicing or stirring makes for good thinking times too.

  3. sounds very much like me...although after all that sedentary work, i have to be careful about eating all that comes out of my kitchen!