April 26, 2010

Weekend Pairings - Swiftly Moving Slowly

-The more Spring-y the days become, the more excited I get for Summer.
-I guess you could also say that I'm having trouble staying in the moment.
-There are so many sweet things on the horizon--it's difficult to not want to jump ahead and past the next few long weeks.
-I keep reminding myself to stop and try to catch the bits of now and this moment that are lovely and that I know I will miss when time has moved forward.
-It's funny, then, that I feel like this weekend went by all too quickly!
-I worked on Saturday, but on Sunday we did our usual: farmers market meanderings, a library visit, reading on the couch with the cat, a glass of wine, and too many episodes of old Survivor seasons (I know, it's a little embarrassing).
-What's your Sunday routine?

+Here's to this new week, and to staying in the moment.

1 comment:

  1. i absolutely adore the light in the top right photo. amazing.

    xo Alison