April 18, 2010

Weekend Pairings - Balm(y)

-I found a set of three cast-iron skillets at the thrift store on Friday for 6 bucks. SCORE. I seasoned them all weekend, so I'm excited to try them out now. Anyone have any good cast-iron recipes?
-We wandered the farmers market in short sleeves and sandals (until my saltwaters from last summer snapped--I guess it's time to get a new pair, sigh) and threw open all our windows.
-Got some basil plants (regular and thai!) all newly potted, along with my spider bébés--here's hoping they are happy in their new home.
-Sunday was a day for fancy eatin'--sushi and gelato at lunchtime, steamed artichokes and wine and cheese for dinner! We felt quite classy, and only a little bit pretentious.
-Not to jump the gun or anything (but jumping the gun...): I am getting so excited for summer!

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  1. cast iron recipe #1


    my wife and I made that dessert for friends the other day - so good we'll be making to again this weekend