October 19, 2010

Some favorite views from my windows and windowsills.


My day in food:
pumpkin butter on toast (Trader Joe's, I love you),
just-ripe pears (both Asian and Bartlett) with some strong cheese,
roasted butternut squash soup (yes, it's the time of year for this book again)
& left-over apple tarte tatin.

All I ate was Autumn, all day long--perfect!


  1. i've heard that trader joe's is the best for pumpkin delicious-ness. i'll have to check it out. i love eating all autumn goodness all day.

  2. What? Pumpkin butter? I have never heard of that. Will definitely be going to Trader Joe's tonight!!

  3. All: Pumpkin butter indeed! It's by their jams and whatnot, and it is basically Autumn in a jar. :)

  4. your photos are so lovely. i wish there was a trader joe's in my neck of the woods.