June 16, 2011

A few more shots
from our recent visit
across the mountains.


So far this month of June,
the unabashedly nerdy
and endearingly earnest Quebecois band
Le Vent du Nord
has been the perfect soundtrack.
They are especially good to listen to
while cooking in the early evenings
with the windows open
and no one home yet but me,
where I can dance about and sing along
even though I don't understand the words.
This song in particular
sounds like summertime to me.


  1. your photos make me miss the mountains. so so pretty. i can almost smell the air.

  2. All of these are wonderful, but that first photo especially is SUCH a dream.

  3. I've always enjoyed your music recommendations, this is no exception! I love the summery feel in each of your photos.

  4. I like your summertime song. I always return to this one http://chezdanisse.blogspot.com/2010/10/i-know-its-autumn.html

  5. that first photo is so brilliant and this music made my heart soar. i totally love it.

  6. I wandered over here from 'Le Projet d'Amour' and I love your blog. You take such beautiful photos!

  7. i love the colour tones in these photos, and the mood, as i do with so many of your shots. thanks for sharing.

  8. you're right, they are endearing :)

    I love everything about these photos - their colours and gentleness and quiet beauty.

  9. Sumptuous photos. And unabashedly nerdy
    and endearingly earnest sounds PERFECT to me. Can't wait to give them a listen.