June 29, 2011

In the fields
and in the woods
by the water.

Do you see the foxgloves
in the last two photos?
& white,
they are hiding.

I gasped when we came upon
the wild expanse of lupin.
It so reminds me of Miss Rumphius
("The Lupin Lady has been here!").

These photos do not do it justice.


  1. one of my very favorite flowers! my elementary school teacher for kindergarten / 1st / 2nd used to read us miss rumphius again and again and again.

  2. These are so beautiful! I want to go there for a picnic~

  3. Miss Rumphius is my favorite children's book. It probably helped that my childhood home was next to a field of lupin. My philosophy of life is based on that story...

  4. Beautiful pics, beautiful landscape.

  5. Before I even scrolled down to see what you had written, I thought of Miss Rumphius!

  6. that is beautiful with the lupines - ours are almost over, but they grow in large swathes along the sides of the freeway here. and yes, i spot the pretty foxgloves amongst the trees!

  7. thank you for sharing these wonderful photos of my favorite place. You have a true gift. I hope you are enjoying your flower field guide. I have another one you may enjoy....hand drawn by a friend.