June 2, 2011

It was just this Spring
that I decided
that the pink-flowering dogwood
(I believe that is what this is!)
is my favorite tree.

A bold statement!
And perhaps with the next season
my mind will change.

For now
there are two I see
on a daily basis
(one on my walk to work,
towering and resplendent,
and one out my window,
a haze of green and pink
in a neighbor's yard)
and it is something of a treasure hunt
to find others
of this coral-hued variety
throughout the city.


  1. Oh wow, just stunning. If you say dogwood, I believe you.

  2. yes, this is a dogwood (though the white is my favorite)... it has long been my favorite blooming tree. i go crazy every spring when they bloom here and sad they only last such a short while! these photos are lovely. i was very excited to take film shots of them this year!

  3. A worthwhile hunt. They are enchanting.

  4. How gorgeous. They almost mimic lantern flowers. You are really lucky to have such pleasant walking companions.

  5. we have mainly the white ones here, petals with just a hint of yellow-green to them, but the pink is quite lovely. you've captured it so well too!