June 9, 2011

A new plant for my kitchen window,
and a new self-portrait.

I thought it was time (for both)
as my late violets
had succumbed to an over-watery demise
and I had not shot a satisfactory self-portrait
since this one from last August
which looks so foreign to me now,
as my hair has been cropped quite short
and has faded to it's natural paler brown
since February.

Do you ever look at photos of yourself
and not recognize yourself?


  1. Your self-portrait is quite lovely. I always recognize my former self in photos. I know she's changed, but I recall who she was at that time, and know she is still a part of me.

  2. I like your new potted plant- the way the dark colors fade out from center. A lovely self portrait, Maggie, and yes- yes I often do.

  3. Love the new plant. Enchanting photos as always :)

  4. Haha, yes. All the time.

    I think your self-portrait is clever, and I love the flowers on the sill.

  5. my gosh yes, especially of late as i'm in my early 40s but still feel 29 :)

    i LOVE this second shot. it is so dreamy and perfect. it's an amazing self portrait. (i should probably take all self portraits in the same manner in fact).

  6. thats cool you can look so different :) i always recognize my big head in photos, but its fun to go year by year and watch my hair change.