July 28, 2011

It was only after
I took this photograph
that I discovered
the name
of this spool of thread
to be "Old Rose."

I thought that was quite fitting.


Who else is excited about this?
I have my copy pre-ordered!



  1. I wasn't excited because I had no idea. Looks intriguing. Thanks.

  2. wow, wildwood looks and sounds incredible! so imaginative and the illustration is absolutely gorgeous... thank you so much for introducing me to this wonderful book. i think i might just have to pre-order my own copy too :)

  3. NOW i am excited, thanks for these links! sounds so amazing. and i have to say i love Carson Ellis' name :) (my daughter's name is Ellis).

    love your photo and the "old rose" thread and bloom.

  4. i'm almost done reading my ARC of wildwood—you will love it. it's such a fun escape. and ellis's illustrations are glorious, of course. :) yay!