July 18, 2011

With great friends
visiting from California
we went exploring out of doors,
and the bounty we found
was a continual reminder
of how much I am
a Pacific Northwest girl.
Born, raised, and still residing
in this green place,
when I think of leaving,
of someday living in another state
(which very well may happen--
I love to travel,
and there is so much in the world to see)
it does feel like contemplating
moving away
from another family member,
and I feel certain
(amazingly so),
that no matter where my path leads me
I will always
eventually return home.


  1. what beautiful sentiment and photos. there is such softness in your work. i love that.

  2. so often your words capture just what i am thinking, and that is just how i feel about the coast. your photos today make me feel at home, inviting us into your summer moments.

  3. That grass looks SO MUCH like home to me, I can feel it's soft furriness in my hands. Two and a half weeks and I'll be on the best coast.

  4. The Pacific Northwest seems like such a beautiful place. I want to visit someday!

  5. those fields are just beautiful

  6. These photos are so beautiful, Maggie! I was THERE and yet I feel such sweet wistfulness when I see this place through your lens. so lovely