July 14, 2011

The name of this bakery
had been mentioned to me
(directly and in passing)
by enough different people
that I finally had to visit.

We stopped by,
on our long drive home
and we bought a pie,
a whole pie,
which is something I don't think I've ever done
(as I much prefer
to bake my own)
but it was friendly
and artful
and delicious
and I felt like I was eating it
with all the people
who had told me of the place.

(We also bought lemon bars,
but we ate those in the car.


  1. See, now that's the way I want my pies to look for our wedding. I think I need some tree/leaf shaped cookie cutters... It's beautiful.

  2. You also went all the way to Cashmere?! :) I love the fruit & nut crostinies but have a hard time finding them lately ...

    Best, zill.y

  3. That cake looks great! I always hesitate to buy cakes since I always think that I can bake them myself- but if I see beautifully made cakes like the one in your pictures I go for them :o)

  4. What a fabulous pie. I bet the long drive home smelled delightful.

  5. Oh wow, this cake looks fantastic!!!

  6. look at that amazing pie! lovely lovely