July 26, 2011

Out to breakfast with a dear one.

I've been missing breakfast lately--
slow and leisurely breakfasts
are impossible on early mornings
where I am up and out the door,
making sure I catch my bus.
My new job
begins earlier than my old one,
so my morning routine
is still in transition.

On the weekends, I think,
I will try to do breakfast,
do it up special and hearty--
whether at home or out.
It is my favorite meal, after all.

What is your favorite special breakfast food?



  1. You take the most beautiful pictures. Sometimes they make me have emotional reactions, like a tingly nose.

  2. ohhh i LOVE breakfast! i have been craving pancakes so much latley... just can't find them in the southern hemisphere!

  3. fried egg samwich! on my very own bread. extra credit if it has cheddar and basil on. —but a lot of times i only manage coffee. occasionally with a side of peanut butter toast. oh well.

    lovely photos, as usual. :)

  4. I love having a long, 'proper', breakfast. We try to go out for breakfast at least once a week because it's so nice. There is a sweet little cafe near my house that makes a big vegan breakfast (because I can't stand eggs) with pumpkin, zucchini, lots of mushrooms, and fancy toast. Mmm...

  5. I have a new special breakfast food, special because good tomatoes are only around for a short period each year. Toast two slices of crusty bread per person and drizzle with olive oil, add thick slices of ripe tomato, and finish with fleur de sel and coarse ground pepper. Ripe tomato is my new jam.

  6. Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day!

    My dream (autumn) breakfast: cinnamon or pumpkin pancakes with blueberries and maple syryp

    Everyday life breakfast: Muesli with milk and grapefruit juice ...

    Beautiful pictures!