January 25, 2010

Weekend Pairing - Maintaining Intentions

Another weekend of playing with the new kitten and trying to capture her on film (most of my shots are just of little black blurs--hold still, Echo!). Being a November-born cat, she spazzed out over the unseasonal beams of sunlight shining into the kitchen, leading me to the startling realization that she had likely never seen such sunlight before in her short, Seattle life!

This part of the winter always feels very overwhelming to me. The holidays are over and it's a long, rainy, windy, and cold way until Spring, but I am trying extra hard this year to retain the positive atmosphere I cultivated in December through these in-between days. People make fun of New Year's Resolutions these days and indeed, "resolutions" seem silly and easily broken to me. I did, however, make some purposeful intentions for the year that I am very passionate about keeping up, even when the warmth and light of Summer seems a long way off.

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