June 8, 2010

I must admit, I have been despairing a bit lately.

I sit at my desk and look at my calendar, then out my window. The disconnect between the month of the year and what I see outside makes my heart sink. The unseasonable grey and the chill and the strange, muggy air make me wonder: will Summer ever come to Seattle? At my ridiculous worst, I imagine this weather stretching from today's date out until the end of September when the season begins to turn to Autumn, skipping beautiful, glorious Summer entirely!

Ridiculous, I know, so instead of despairing any longer yesterday, I decided that unseasonable weather be damned, I was going to get some summery flowers for another windowsill box. At the market where I bought them, I discovered some gorgeous, summer-priced cherries, so I bought those too, even though the whole time I was there it was dark and threatening to rain.

By the time I got home with my beautiful bounty, the sun was peaking out, and as I set the bright flowers and deep red cherries on the counter, a bit of light finally broke through into my kitchen and onto my little pile of goods. The beam was so golden and new that I couldn't help but gasp and I thought, "Ah! Perhaps summer isn't so far away after all."

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