June 29, 2010

Three things I've discovered lately:

1. Getting a foot of hair cut off your head makes you feel light and ready for hot summer weather. Really, the simple, much-needed change kind of does that too.

2. Roasted summer squash, fresh basil, and goat cheese come together to make a sandwich that (I have a hunch) I might be chomping on all summer long.

3. Until I heard this song by Josh Ritter when we saw him perform on Sunday I had never realized how adorably romantic the lyrics were. Wouldn't it be perfect at a wedding?


  1. My sister just had a foot or so cut off her hair too (and now it's about as short as yours). She says her head now feels as light as a balloon, haha. If I cut a foot off my hair... I'd only have about an inch left.

  2. my summer sandwich has been roasted eggplant, dijon mustard and havarti, a warm staple!

  3. the beginning of summer is the perfect time to get a haircut! i might do the same :)