June 14, 2010

I think the weather gods might have heard my wishes and taken note of my offerings; Seattle was rewarded with glorious golden sunshine this weekend that felt (and looked) sweeter than honey.

So I spent the past few days doing every summery thing I could think of. We got ice cream at Molly Moon's (Carrot Cake for me, Strawberry-Rhubarb for him), thrifting cloches to support my cupcake obsession, hunting sunlight and shadows on all of my plants and flowers like someone on safari, making bright, warm-weather necklaces, and drinking mojitos supplied by a friend who came over to enjoy burgers, potato salad, and farmers market fruit with us as we tested out our new grill (!!).

If there's something all people who live in the Pacific Northwest know it's that you need to take advantage of nice weather when it comes.

This weekend? I think we were successful with that.


  1. Seriously, you can thrift cloches in your part of the world?? Unreal. You'd never find anything that cool in a thrift store here (unless it was antique and cost a billion dollars). Those icecream flavours sound delish.

  2. Ella: Haha! The thrift store near my house is super hit-or-miss---some days I come away with absolute treasure and thanking my lucky stars, other days everything looks like depressing junk. I just cross my fingers every time I go in!