July 23, 2010

Further adventures in the kitchen.

Playing around with garlic scapes,
Frosty glasses of homemade strawberry lemonade,
Peach & Crème fraiche pie
(which I made last year for the first time,
I've just been waiting for peaches to come into season
so I could make it again)

& Summer light--my cooking companion when the boy works late.


We went to see Jesca Hoop the other night.
The show was deserted, but she was amazing (as I expected).
Apparently she's very well-liked in the UK?
Apparently her album isn't out in the US yet?
(Apparently the version I have is an import?)
Didn't realize any of this before the show.
But still--I can't understand why she's not bigger here.
I just think she's great.


  1. the last one is just amazing
    I just added it to my new wall of inspiration: http://pinterest.com/elisabelleb/elisabelle-s-style-pinboard/.

  2. You gonna give us the recipe for that pie? :P

  3. oh the images are amazing..and the cake sounds wonderful maggie