July 16, 2010

I love being born in November--it's usually a gorgeously moody month in Seattle, and my birthday falls right around Thanksgiving, so there's always a generally festive feeling in the air.

But a July birthday wouldn't be too bad either.

Practically every kind of fruit imaginable perfectly in season?
Sunshine so gorgeous it's dripping like liquid across the trees?
Dinner outside and playing badminton barefoot afterward?

Yeah. A July birthday wouldn't be bad at all.

So we celebrated with all of the above plus a lemon-raspberry cake I created for the event (I must admit, I am pretty proud of it--I've never made such a decadent party cake before!).

Happy July.


  1. this is just lovely and the cake looks so good! i agree, a july birthday would be great, too - especially having a party outside. i was born in late september. and i don't mind :)

  2. That cake looks delicious, and I had to laugh seeing the feet picture - I have the very same Saltwater tan!

  3. Its funny, my birthday is July 1 & I've always thought having a winter birthday would be magical. Snow, a warm fire, blankets, hot chocolate, candles...Your cake looks delicious. I've been following your blog for a bit now & just love it. Finally decided it was time to comment.

  4. That cake is definitely something to be proud of! It looks amazingly delicious.