July 28, 2010

While out doing errands yesterday, I did a double-take as I walked by everbody's favorite independent music store, Sonic Boom Records. In their window was one of the most gorgeous gig posters I had ever seen, a screen-printed beauty advertising the show I am going to (!!) next week.

Alas, my bus came just at that moment. I was not able to even scout the artist's name.

I emailed Sonic Boom, so excited to know if there was someplace I could purchase said poster and equally certain that I was out of luck. Turns out it's by the fantastic Frida Clements, the promotional company distributing them gave Sonic Boom extra copies, and they could set one aside with my name on it for free.

This is the kind of thing that does a good job of shaking me out of the cynicism of my bad day (slept through my alarm, missed my bus, etc.) and makes me love the rest of the world.


  1. That was so lovely of them! Isn't it wonderful when things like that happen?

    The poster is insanely beautiful, I've just added Friday Clements to my list of fav artists. So so so stunning.

  2. her artwork is amazing! i love that poster. yay for nice people :)

  3. That would definitely make me love the rest of the world too. What an awesome-great-fantastic-gem of a gig poster. Yes.

  4. fabulous! glad it worked out!

    xo Alison