December 20, 2010

It was good to go away,
& good to come back.
I think I will wait to share vacation photos
until the New Year.

The Christmas deer
(a new purchase
for this year's celebration)
and twinkle lights
(encircling our windowsill plants)
are two of my favorite holiday decorations.
I bought a second stag
as a present for a friend
so that their mantle,
like ours,
will bear an emblem
of what I see
as powerful grace
& sincere good fortune
in the heart of wintertime.

What are your favorite holiday decorations?


  1. i love what you say about "powerful grace"... what perfect wording. and what spirit in these photos.

    my most cherished christmas decoration is my mom's "dime store" (her words) nativity that she adn my dad bought the first year they were married (she passed away 5 years ago this january). i have very fond memories of playing with it as a child- i was the animal lover in this family and especially adored the shepherd shouldering his sheep, the cow and the donkey. i would play for hours, rearranging the figures, writing their story in the language of a 3, 5, 8, 10 year old as the years passed. i was hoping she would leave it to me since i played with it the most, and was so honored that she did as all of us were hoping to have it in our home. i plan to pass it on to another sibling for next year, so we can each enjoy it.

  2. These decorations are so simple and cozy and devoid of the typical holiday gaudiness. Love the deer!

    I bought myself a tiny potted pine in lieu of the average Christmas tree this year. Very Charlie Brown of me. I love him!

  3. oh, what a lovely deer!
    Welcome back :)

  4. I love the brass deer and the lights!