December 2, 2010

On one of the many walks I took last week,
we waded out through a field of white
(so unusual for Seattle in November)
and chanced upon
a flock of geese.
They were on both sides of us,
in front of us and behind,
and their coarse calls
sounded so loud in the stillness
and came so fast
that it all ceased to be
the sound of many geese
and became instead
one sound that was ringing
all around;
and monumental,
it did not seem
at all to be
from anything ordinary
or mundane.


A Happy December to you--I do so love this time of year!


  1. Happy December Maggie! Such gorgeous photos. You are truly blessed to live where you do.

  2. These photos are so absolutely beautiful and so peaceful-looking. I especially love the geese in the snow. Happy December to you too!

  3. WOW. these photos are absolutely incredible. and your words? equally so, almost read like a bit of poetry. i so miss the change of seasons and winter landscapes photograph beautifully.

  4. Beautiful. Hope I can walk in these photos.

  5. Ah! These are just beautiful, the snow always looks so magical in photographs, but it makes me cold.