December 6, 2010

The last of the snow photos.

I know a lot of people complain about the snow--
the hassle of it all, and whatnot (in Seattle, at least).
But each year I hope we have a white Christmas,
and this year is no exception.
I love the way it changes the light
and the color of the sky.
As a child, I remember
priding myself
on the fact that I could tell
when I woke in the morning
if it had snowed in the night
before I even looked out the window,
just by the way
the light
spilling into my room
was different from what it had been before.


Small Hands by Caroline Gaedechens
Letterpress Reindeer by EasyKeeper


  1. these are just wonderful. they feel so wintery, and somehow christmasy too...for some reason, they make me nostalgic.

  2. Beautiful post! I often feel like I can tell when it's snowed in the night too, by the light and how still everything feels.

  3. I too agree with your thoughts on wanting a white christmas. Pretty photos!

  4. i haven't lived in a snowy area since my childhood, but i have such fond memories of this time of year and white Christmas' past. i'm not sure i could cope with the cold as much anymore as i've become so acclimated to a warmer climate (literally unprepared for the 27 low that's coming tonight!). but i do love so much how a winter landscape or cityscape photographs and i haven't had the chance to shoot any snowy anything ever. and i'd like that to change!

    your photos are beautiful.

  5. It's the same for me! I love the snow covered nature and a white christmas is the best that can happen :)

  6. just found your blog. love your beautiful photos and your poetic postings. just added you to me blogroll :) stay lovely.