December 7, 2010

Part of my plan to make many of the gifts I'm giving this year.
Block printed linen with hand-carved stamps,
sewn, stuffed, and finished off with a rustic twine loop.
Fun to work on, and I am thinking they will be fun to give.

Inspired this season by old-fashioned carols,
bits of nature brought indoors,
& the the quietness of trees under snow


Come Darkness (MAV has outdone herself this year) &
Elisabelle's recent posts (here and here and here) of snow in Paris.

I am so enjoying these depictions of Winter,
a beautiful, too-often-maligned season.


  1. These are lovely! That's awesome that you are making gifts for people, I would love to do that someday.

  2. Looks like there will be very lucky people in your life! Did you fill them with any herbs? I wonder if ceder and pine could be smelled through those?

  3. Naomi: No I didn't, but I wish I had. Some pine would have been perfect...maybe next year!

  4. These are so wonderful. What an excellent gift. There are going to be some happy recipients.

  5. I love them and i'm also sewing the same gifts as you. good luck!

  6. Love the white printing on that raw linen. So lovely!